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1. Company Name's problem

Our world is becoming predominantly digital, which means that all of Company Name's data is becoming digital.

We cannot keep contracts, which are the driving force behind almost any payment, in a static & archived form on a drive.

Most solutions on the market focus on enhanced drafting and signing. While that saves time, most of the losses occur after signing the contracts.

This is due to inefficient compliance tracking, disconnected data, lack of visibility, clutter & missing files, human errors and beyond anything - too much shared responsibility between too many people at Company Name.

How many people at Company Name take care of managing contracts after signing?

Number of employees: Numbers

1.1 The cost of poor contract management is too high.

1.2 Up to over 15% of large companies' total annual turnover is lost each year due to that.

2. Company Name's solution

Instead of adding automation around a static document, why not make it dynamic and self executing?

Why not connect the data from the contracts directly to Company Name's digital ecosystem and automate the entire workflow? Eliminate all unnecessary and time-consuming work while signing multiple contracts effortlessly.

Programmatic contracts can play a pivotal role in Company Name's risk management, meticulously connecting every loose end, vulnerable to human errors or delays. This translates to significant cost savings and invaluable data insights for precise business projections and informed decision-making.

Free your operations, project management, and finance teams to concentrate on what truly matters, while programmatic contracts take care of the rest of Company Name's work.

with Company Name of employees, you can save an average of per month.

In a dynamically changing world, the successful business is the one that can pivot quickly and correctly.

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Our features

Programmatic modules implemented in your contracts can drive automation across your entire ecosystem.

  • Transforming your contracts

    Migrate your templates with ease and turn them programmatic. This automation will carry out most of your manual work.

  • Easy to fill, saving your time

    Outlining only the important things. Quick and easy drafting with autofilled information of repetitive and known variables.

  • Detailed versioning & live collaboration

    Never have to dig in your inbox or shared drive for an update again. Track changes with ease and host a single source of updates for everyone involved.

  • Automated payments, beyond signing

    Programmatic clauses generate automatically individual payment schedules, send personal emails, issue payment requests and apply late fees instantly and in bulk.

Standard vs Programmatic

Leveraging open banking technology, automate the entire payment process on your contracts at scale, while still delivering a personal experience for your customers.

Before before
After after
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